Bellmusic is a professional recording studio featuring music producer, composer, songwriter and recording artist Peter Bell. Music production credits include songwriting of tv theme songs and jingles.

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Music Composition

TV Theme Songs

  1. This Old House Classics Theme (Guitar)

  2. This Old House Classics Theme (Clarinet)

  3. New Yankee Workshop (PBS)

  4. Victory Garden (PBS)

  5. ABC After School Special, "The Cheats"


  1. James Montgomery Band - "Everybody Knows The Answer"

  2. James Montgomery Band - "If You Want Me"

Jingles (Excerpts) (mp3 - 8 megs)

  1. Nike

  2. BayBank

  3. RC Cola

Library Compositions:

  1. Weighty Matters

  2. New Age Fugue

  3. Mumbo Gumbo

  4. 12/8 Romp

  5. Pleasure

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