Bellmusic is a professional recording studio featuring music producer, composer, songwriter and recording artist Peter Bell. Music production credits include songwriting of tv theme songs and jingles.

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Music Production

Digital Editing

  • Asa Brebner - "Prayers of a Snowball in Hell", Ocean Music OM2008

Broadcast Production

  • Bonnie Raitt (PSA's), 
  • Tracey Bonham, 
  • Livingston Taylor, 
  • Kate Taylor, 
  • Alex Taylor, 
  • Layla Hathaway, 
  • John Poussette-Dart, 
  • The New Kids On The Block,
  • Rebecca Parris, 
  • Mick Goodrick, 
  • Mike Metheny, 
  • Bob Moses, 
  • Mike Turk, 
  • Duke Levine, 
  • John Lincoln Wright, 
  • North Shore Acappella, 
  • The Heavy Metal Horns,
  • Novick and Van Duser, 
  • Jonathan Edwards, 
  • Chris Smither, 
  • Greg Brown, 
  • Rory Block, 
  • Geoff Bartley, 
  • Paul Rishell, 
  • Denis Brennan, 
  • Mark Sandman, 
  • Alan Estes, 
  • Patty Griffin, 
  • Holly Palmer,

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